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Hey Gents!

Thanks for putting Taboo on my radar! I love the show and had an idea about why Delaney is so reckless and unafraid. James appears to have visions of the future, and because of this gift, could it be possible that James has seen visions of his own death? If this is the case, then he knew he would not die in a back alley in London, or in the dual with Thorne or on a carriage transporting gun power. He has already seen images of his own death and (raising my hand) my guess is that so have we during the title sequence at the beginning of each episode! I think that of the many images we see in the title sequence of James underwater, one is actually in the future. This could all fit together since his mother baptized him underwater, and then he almost drowned again after the sinking of the Influence (and then experienced a rebirth in Africa) so in the 3rd and final act of his life (after he gets his revenge) I think his story will end underwater and James knows nothing can stop him before that

Thanks again for a great podcast!
Joe D in California

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