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Hiya lads! absolutely love your podcast – and maybe I have been looking into the fire a bit too long but had a few visions I wanted to share with you and possibly get your take:

Zilpha and James are not actually related
I hope it will be revealed that James and Zilpha do not actually have the same father and all along their relationship was “taboo” only in our heads. This could also be why Horace Delaney did not show Zilpha much love – because her mother had an affair and Zilpha is not really his blood. I think/hope “all knowing” James is already aware of this too… in fact, I don’t think James actually ever refers to Zilpha as his sister – and James simply does not care what everyone else thinks – maybe this is just wishful thinking on my part but it would be a welcome twist!

James did not kill Winter
We see James and Winter talking together at the beginning of this episode in the exact same location where she was murdered at the end, so it is possible someone could have seen them together on the docks and planned on killing her to set up James. Could the person who murdered Winter be the same person who telepathically “told” Zilpha to kill her husband Thorne? To keep the Star Wars references going, could there be a dark Sith lord among us hiding in plain sight who has the same voodoo power that James has? Could this be his real enemy?

I think in the very opening scene of the series, we all immediately liked James, the protagonist, who rode into town on a pale horse like death – and we have been rooting for him to bring justice to the evil men of king and company… and I seriously laugh out loud every time we see James walking around his house holding a candle with just a shirt on but no pants! I love that he is a misunderstood outsider, but the writing on this show is too good for him to end up being a child killer or a sister f*cker when the season comes to and end –

would love to know if you guys agree and thanks again for a great podcast!

Robert D

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