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your podcast is wonderful. keep up the good work!

now, here is me cutting loose:
stop with the “preparing to die” bull. Y’all need the female perspective.

TOM HARDY GOES NOWHERE – other than next season for the eyes, ears and libidos of all the women watching this show. it’s porn for women. wake up. he is a man who gets shit done and women LOVE THAT! he is handsome, masculine and passionate; damaged and smoldering and commanding and has a very hidden soft side. there is no show without James. he rides a white horse for cryin’ out loud! who gives a hoot what a bunch of snaggle-toothed pasty british men do from here on out?! every sex scene so far has been doggie style with the exception of the one in which he is making love to Zilpha. the way he took two stairs at a time up to her bedroom without that little hop most of us put into that move when we do it was S-E-X-Y. they have nailed the formula. he is cool as a cucumber no matter the situation. ahhhh!!

‹Brace is obviously sincere so that is a dead subject. Lorna is crazy about James, but if she finds out about his recent interlude with Zilpha, shit is ON! I do think James was protecting Zilpha and still loves her, but I also think something in the visions he had while they were having sex were meaningful in differentiating them in his mind as two separate individuals. I hope to hell Atticus can be counted upon as we all assume. Lorna will fix things with Helga so she is at no risk of death. Dumbarton is a mystery.

Wendy P.

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