Jon Snow and Prostitutes

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Hi guys,

I just listened to the most recent pod and I’d like to add two points.

1) You talked about Jon not being bothered when he finds out Dany is his aunt. But I’m almost sure there was a scene in Season 1 where Jon says he won’t sleep with prostitutes because he doesn’t know who his mother was and doesn’t want to accidentally sleep with someone he’s related to. I tried to find the scene but couldn’t. Maybe someone else has a better memory than I do. If my memory is accurate, he’s not going to be happy to sleep with his aunt.

You probably realized this already, but I wanted to fix my error from point 1 in the previous email. I rewatched the beginning of Season 1 and I was wrong about Jon’s prostitute talk. In Episode 4 he actually tells Sam that he won’t sleep with prostitutes because he doesn’t want to have a bastard, knowing it’s tough to grow up that way.

2) Regarding Theon’s redemption arc: The show has avoided this, but Euron has to sail right past Dragon Stone to get to King’s Landing. Maybe Theon will see Euron’s fleet headed to Essos instead of the Iron Islands and discover the double-cross.

Thanks for reading.

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