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There seems to be many theories as to why we see Kohana in the valley beyond, but I feel like there is a simple answer. It becomes clear in the finale that cold storage has been emptied out. We are lead to believe that most of the hosts that were in cold storage were somehow rebooted (or similar) and joined up with Delores. We previously saw Kohana in cold storage, I believe she threw on some pants and thought powers that allowed everyone to converge at the door ended up in the line for the valley beyond. In the scene where the hosts are entering the valley we spend a lot of time focusing on Maeve’s daughter’s seemingly sad and yet confused face, I argue that it is possible Kohana was in the line and entered in the same way the other hosts did, we just did not get to see it on screen.

Keep up the great work! I only found you guys this season but I have been listening to all your episodes on my drives.

– Lily

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