Littlefinger Only Cares About Littlefinger

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When you guys were discussing the times Littlefinger betrayed the Starks you mentioned Harrenhall & him marrying Sansa to Ramsey Bolton. Ummm actually you missed the first and the most major time Littlefinger betrayed the Starks. In season 1 episode 7 Ned has a conversation with Littlefinger in the tower of the hand, Ned tells him that King Robert has no true heirs to the throne and Stannis is the next line to the throne. Ned asks Littlefinger for the support of the city watch when he confronts Cersei and her Lannister soldiers, Baelish tells Ned he has the support of the city watch. Later in the throne room when Ned confronts Cersei and Joffery the city watch turn on Ned and his men allowing the Lannisters to take Ned as a prisoner for treason. Littlefinger even holds a dagger to Ned Stark’s throat and says “I did warn you not to trust me.” Littlefinger is then rewarded by the crown with Harrenhall. Once Robb hears that Ned is being held as a prisoner in the dungeons below the red keep he calls his bannermen to fight the Lannisters and rescue his father and sisters.

Prior to that you were discussing how Littlefinger started the war of the 5 kings as he claimed to Bran in the most recent episode and you all mentioned the death of Jon Arryn and the attempted assassination on Bran’s life. While it can be argued that Jon Arryn’s death is what got all the wheels turning, Littlefinger merely played a small part in that (acquiring the poison for Lysa) It was Lysa Arryn who truly wanted Jon Arryn dead, she couldn’t bear to part with her son Robin. Jon, his father planned to send him to Dragonstone to be fostered by Stannis. Littlefinger helped Lysa to kill Jon Arryn for a number of resaons: 1. To free Lysa & make her available for marriage to himself. 2. To prevent Jon Arryn from telling King Robert the true parentage of Joffery, Marcella, and Tommen. 3. To pit the Starks and Lannisters against each other.
Littlefinger only acts to promote Littlefiner, it has been seen in the seasons and he has said it himself. You also mentioned the attempt of Bran’s life, although it has yet to be determined who sent the assassin to kill Bran, some think it was Joffery. I think it could be argued that when Robb called his bannermen and rode south to save his father & sisters & declared himself King of the North the war had begun. Since it was Littlefingers betrayal of Ned Stark that led to his imprisonment, it can be said that he did in fact start the war of the 5 kings indirectly.

Just thought I should point out the Ned Stark betrayal out since it spiraled and caused so much to happen after that.

You know nothing hots of shat on tv,

-The queen beyond the wall

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  1. Nice reminder, Juliana!

    I don’t think the show will go with the Joffrey attempt on Bran’s life, otherwise we would’ve gotten some insight into that while Joffrey was still alive. It wouldn’t surprise me if they pin it entirely on Littlefinger, which can be used against him whenever someone (Bran himself, most likely) finds out about it.

    Cheers, your grace!

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