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Good Morning Shat crew,

I wanted to bring something up that I haven’t heard anyone talk about. There are two scenes that catch my eye that I can’t seem to shake or be sure if it’s anything at all. When Atticus is in his fathers apartment he is looking at a picture of his family; Mom, Dad, and young Atticus. This scene is fine until the scene when Uncle George is calling home to Hippolyta and he is going through his wallet, seemingly reminiscing about his past love, but wait, the photo that he pulls from the wallet appears to be a young picture of Atticus’ mom and not Hippolyta! WTF! And what further sets up a feeling of past separation between Uncle George and Hippolyta, are the words he used in the phone call with her. He says that the next trip she should probably come along, which isn’t a big deal, until I see her reaction to this. She embraces the phone and smiles as if she’s been Waiting and hoping he would say this to her one day, but haven’t they been married for like 25 years or so presumably from Tic’s age and the way things were back then. Why is he just now saying these things? It’s like they have rekindled something that was broken.

Did Uncle George have an affair with Tic’s Mom??

Was there an underlying meaning to Tic’s comment about Uncle George not protecting him when he was younger?

Could Tic’s mom be more in the realm of the supernatural than we suspect after just one episode?

Am I just looking way too hard at the details and creating narratives to make it more interesting in my own my mind?

Being a black man in this modern world, it is good to hear you guys not afraid to tackle this show. Especially after the phone call from the nice black woman that was also cautiously optimistic about how you guys would cover this show since race is a touchy subject even still. Love all you guys do. And I much appreciate the King B’s and Ashlee’s perspectives and of course Gene, Roger and Big D.

George from Las Vegas

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