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Hi guys,

Just to let you know in this weeks deep dive you mention that Maeve doesn’t hear ‘these violent delights…’ as part of her awakening but I’m pretty sure Dolores says ‘these violent delights have violent ends’ to Maeve in series 1 outside the Mariposa.

Keep up the great work, I love the podcast and Westworld!

Richard McCullough

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  1. Christina Jones says:

    But that was an awakening, not her first one. She was rolled back like other hosts from the incident with MIB that happened a year before when he killed her daughter. She completely broke free into full consciousness then and Ake was guiding that awakening so no that phrase did not tickle her first awakening but was a reminder that stirred old memories to her previous life. But she chose to kill herself when they stated they would erase her pain from her. She didn’t respond to commands and her cognition screen was broken.

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