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You guys probably have a lot of emails to read through so I’ll get right to the point I want to share:

Big D mentioned in the deep dive podcast that he didn’t understand why Maeve had the samurai’s kill each other at the end of the episode. How I interpreted this episode was that Maeve’s powers at controlling the other hosts with her “inner voice”, is continuing to evolve but is not under complete conscious control. When she first controls a host through her mind and not through speaking, she is in a life and death situation being choked out. So I interpreted her having the first ninja kill himself through a mental command as a primal adaption from a life or death situation. Similar to how you hear stories of people lifting automobiles with the help of adrenaline when a loved one is trapped underneath.

So I think Maeve had the samurais fight and kill each other at the end of the episode as opposed to having them lay down their swords, because it was a life or death situation and she is making these commands and leaps during high pressure situations out of survival. I don’t think she has complete control yet of other hosts the way Dr. Ford did in season 1. And when you are surrounded by samurais and your new friend just performed a decapitation dance on their leader, it is probably not the time to experiment with your new found mental powers as to what you can control and not control, especially if your survival depends on being successful. Also, it is not clear to me how long Maeve’s mental commands stay in effect. In my opinion, it would take more skill and cultivation to keep a samurai host under mind control rather then issuing a short command to have them kill each other.

I think Maeve was certainly pissed off at the Shogun and his warriors, but I think she had them kill each other more out of the need for survival than out of cruelty. I think Maeve has turned into the most fascinating character on Westworld and it will be interesting to see how her powers and story arc develops the rest of the season.


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  1. Gene Lyons says:

    Having your enemies kill each other certainly is a safer bet than having them disarm or just lie down.

    But we again see a bit of hypocrisy in Episode 6, when Maeve has two Japanese guards kill each other, then proclaims that Musashi has the right to choose his own fate, even if that fate is death.

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