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Hi guys!

I had a couple notes about the Man in Black and a question about Ford:

In your Deep Dive, you all stated that the Man in Black’s world has ended and therefore revealed the end/direction of the show (in the post-scene at the end). However, they didn’t say which of the Man in Black’s worlds has ended. He was so obsessed with West World, they could’ve just been talking about West World. The Park was basically the Man in Black’s entire “world”. Just a thought. The show might not have revealed the end (of everything). Just a shut down park.

Also, I only watched the final episode once, but didn’t the Man in Black and Delores have a conversation about his search for immortality, in which Delores comments “it looks like you’ve found it” (or something to that effect). It made me think that the Man in Black is in an experiment like the one he ran for James Delos, except he is successful (or maybe not considering his glitch where he’s digging through his own arm). His “cornerstone” is when he kills Emily and arrives at the Forge. I think they’re testing him to see if he is able to complete his journey without killing Emily, therefore changing his cornerstone.

On a different note, didn’t Ford have a pearl? Could one of those be in Halores’s purse?

Sorry for the long email, guys! Thanks so much for the podcast. It is appreciated. I couldn’t have made it through this season without you!


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