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Hi guys,

This is Abby calling from Orange County California about Watchmen. I just wanted to thank you all so much for your podcast Watchmen was new for me. So your podcasts is just taken for me to understand what was going on. I love the series. I love Damon Lindelof. So I just wanted to thank you. Well, one comment I had about the finale was everyone’s talking about Angela the egg the power from dr. Manhattan. Of course, she’s going to eat the Egg. Of course, she’s going to have his powers but I think what’s really interesting is that no one’s really talked about the comment that Will Reeve had at the end. Basically, he’s saying the sky has all of these Powers. Yeah, he’s a good man a good person, but couldn’t he have done more? And I think the answer was sounding Lee is yes, and I think that’s what frustrates me throughout the whole series just even hearing about dr. Manhattan, but then halfway in between or kind around these I guess episode three or four I went and watched the 2009 movie which was really helpful to kind of birth. For me with the characters, but even in that movie Doctor, Manhattan bothered me. I mean, I just felt like this man had the opportunity to do so much good and I was always frustrated with that. And so I think we’ll Reserve comment is key here because I think if you look at Angela’s face, I think she agrees with him, and I think what she’s probably thinking to herself, but yeah, he could have done better and so can I so, I think she absolutely eight that egg. And once those powers to do good or to do more for Humanity. At least. That’s the way I tick it off again. You guys are awesome. I can’t wait for Westworld and have a great day.

Take care. Bye.

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