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Thanks again for the great podcast.

After listening to the instacast and the deep dive for Episode 9, I completely agree with Roger about how ridiculous it was to have Angela Abar eat the egg without any concern for what the consequences would be and without giving it any thought whatsoever. If there ever is a 2nd season, I hope it starts with her falling into that pool and flailing around a bit before Topher has to come out to save her from drowning.

Anyways, it seems obvious to me that Dr. M wanted Hooded Justice to have his powers. Why else would Dr. M need to discuss matters with Will Reeves before losing his memory? Think about it from Dr. M’s perspective. Dr. M can see all the strings and knows the impact that his powers have had (or will have) on the world. He has likely seen that his lack of concern or empathy for the injustices of the world ultimately resulted (or will result) in nothing of consequence. Dr. M’s lack of empathy/concern is also pointed out by Lady Trieu when she discusses with Angela how Dr. M has never responded to any of the pleas voiced by the phone booth callers.

So who does Dr. M seek out? Of course it would have to be the man who has dedicated his life to fighting injustice. Not for fame and notoriety like Captain Metropolis or Adrian Veicht but because his experience molded him in such a way that fighting injustice is in the core of his being. Hooded Justice/Will Reeves is someone who Dr. M believes will use power to affect real change in the world where Dr. M knows he cannot (or did not). Will Reeves even tells Angela this at the end of Episode 9 saying something to the effect of “he seemed like a good man but he could have done more.” I felt like this was said with a wink to hint that Will Reeves intends to do more with the powers given to him by Dr. M. The mind-trippy part is, if Will Reeves had already accepted the Dr. M powers at that point, he would already know what the results of his actions will be and whether he successfully “did more” than Dr. M did.

Additionally, why would Dr. M ever pass on his powers to Angela over Will Reeves? What qualities would Angela have that would make her a better candidate to assume Dr. M’s powers? I really can’t think of any. She hates racism but can be impulsive and short-tempered and has shown that she doesn’t care about civil rights or evidence if she is following a hunch. This does not sound to me like someone you would want to have god-like powers. Even though she experienced WIll Reeves’ memories through Nostalgia, she lacks the wisdom that comes from Will Reeves’ life experience. Besides, why would Dr. M subject Angela to such responsibility and such hardship knowing she has children that need her? Yes, I think Dr. M left some waffles for Will Reeves to eat when he returned to Angela’s house (or maybe he teleported them to the theater with the kids haha).

The only question I have is why Dr. M needed Angela to see him standing on the pool. The only thing I can think of is that she will one day witness Will Reeves walking on the water and know what he is.

In any event, I know this is all fan fiction since I am not a writer for the show but thought I’d share my perspective.

Thanks again for making the show so much more enjoyable. Besides my wife, I don’t have anyone in my small circle of friends that watched the show or is familiar with the Watchmen generally so it was nice to be able to listen to you guys provide your perspective 2-3 times per episode. Is it too late to get you guys to do a podcast for Handmaid’s Tale?

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