Maze Symbol on the Coffin on the Train

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I started listening last week and really love your podcasts. They are in depth and cover so many interesting topics

I want to chime on the William or Logan is the MIB theory. I have 2 points I want to make.

  1. Dolores is searching for the maze with William. William saw the maze symbol on the coffin on the train. My guess is that William will encounter the maze symbol many more times as the show progresses. Dolores may even tell him about the maze or reach the maze with William. In any case, it seems doubtful to me that if William is MIB that the MIB would need to scalp a host to discover the maze symbol. Willaim should be able to draw the symbol from memory if he figures out that the symbol is important. It certainly wouldn’t take him 30 years to reach the point MIB is at right now. This would point to Logan as the more likely candidate to be the MIB.
  2. The MIB says his first encounters at Westworld were with mechanical hosts. If William or Logan is the MIB then that would imply that the hosts we’re seeing them with are mechanical. Outwardly they don’t look any different than any other hosts on the show, although I have noticed that the hosts with William and Logan don’t seem to bleed as much as the hosts with the MIB. I am not sure what to make of this as it can be argued that the mechanical hosts do have a layer of flesh and blood.

Jimmy (currently residing in Hong Kong)

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