‘A Murder of Gods’ Was Heavy-Handed

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Hi guys,

Awesome podcast this week, as usual. Missed Big D in this one, I think his take on it would have been interesting.

I agree that the episode very heavy-handed. The Jesus bit was too literal, and I could have done without the Nazi imagery. I would rather have seen Vulcan as this little picturesque little town, with kids playing in the streets, ice cream parlours, sunshine and guns. Something to show that these people really love their way of life and want to protect it. They chose to show us a hateful group of people. I’m not saying it’s the wrong way, I just wish the show would occasionally give us that Pushing Daisies feel to small-town America. Perfect on the surface, with a dark underbelly. I know even that isn’t real, but it’s a nicer fantasy than Nazi’s walking the streets of America.

Gods killing gods isn’t a thing. Mexican Jesus is no more dead than Vulcan is.

The whole shootout at the border only served to martyr a helpful traveller and create a legend. This was a Coming to America vignette, so this is how Mexican Jesus got there. They killed the man, not the idea. The crazy Christian gunslingers showed nothing but hate. So instead of adopting the faith of the new land, the immigrants were strengthened in their own.

The Vulcan killing was a curse. The bullets will malfunction, the machinery will fail, people will lose faith in the guns’ ability to provide them protection and seek alternatives. But this will take time. I will be really disappointed if they make it some kind of quick fix.

Remember Wednesday’s line in Episode 3 Ideas are more difficult to kill than people, but they can be killed, in the end.

The episode title is intentionally misleading. Sweeney also mentions a Murder of Gods when he’s at the end of Salim’s gun. Like a murder of crows. Maybe I have totally missed the boat here.

Also, Laura’s detourI liked this and found some good information from it.

Laura clearly has unresolved issues. She goes through this speech about never hearing or seeing her mum again and that when she was told to pray, she prayed for her family to go away. Then she’s all Fuck those assholes. Whatever. She still feels compelled to see her mum one last time.

Note when she first looks into the window. She sees a family dipping Easter eggs ( ). Then, it’s her mum alone and middle-aged, as she is at the funeral. Also note that at the funeral, her mum is alone next to Shadow. There is no brother and no father.

So, it leads me to believe that Laura thinks that her prayers were possibly the cause of her brother and father’s death. Maybe that’s the point when she became a raging bitch.
Could you figure out the deal with the cigarettes? Two mentions of Laura smelling more because of the smoking, yet she does it anyway. She said she can’t even taste it, yet she does it anyway. Salim doesn’t like smoking in the car, yet I’m confused.
I’ve tweeted out a bunch of Easter eggs but ICYMI:

  • Vulcan Bullets
  • Mr. World strikes again
  • Vulcanalia is celebrated on August 23

That’s it for this week.

Completely off topic, have any of you read Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett? BBC/Amazon are adapting it as a 6-part miniseries.

Love from London,

p.s.” I hope baby D feels better soon.
p.p.s” happy Comey day

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