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Hey guys,

The idea that the Night King”s reign ended too abruptly, to me, has people overly disappointed and unfairly critical. I think having his demise be at the most epic battle in television history was a good enough send-off for him. I understand viewers thinking the Night King is the ultimate villain, but people forget that for the first FOUR seasons, the Night King was lingering in the background of this story as almost an afterthought.

There”s only been one villain at the forefront since episode one, and that”s Cersei. The Night King made for some great blanketing drama, but it”s not GOT”s roots. Cersei, and those who fight for her are connected to the remaining characters on a deeply personal level, and we as viewers are going to feel that. We have been in the room as Cersei does her plotting, and we have seen the other character”s when she has fucked them over.

A reason so many characters may have survived the battle at Winterfell is because losing them to a hoard of mindless zombies might”ve not given them their due, no matter how unrealistic it may be. If they die at the hands of Cersei, however, that will hit the viewers on a very personal level.

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Brandon in Oregon

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