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Hey Gentlemen. And Dick.

I jest. I haven’t gotten an email on the show yet and realize you may not do another telegraph but I wanted to share these thoughts anyway. After the season finale i tuned in to several more west world podcast to get some broad analysis. What I found was that of all the podcast I listened to, five to be exact, you guys were the best and there wasn’t a close second. So I wanted to share what I think makes your podcast superior and a couple of things I think you can improve on or that you should avoid going forward.

1. One of the Podcasts spent literally 15 minutes and 21 seconds talking about everything under the sun before they even got close to West world. I think you guys do a great job of getting in your quick plug for shat the movies and some other comments but then quickly get down to business. This is a plus.

2. Let’s be honest, one of the reasons we love West world is because of the fun we have theorizing. But one thing that made a couple of the other podcasts unlistenable was their totally insane and unrealizable theories. Generally, all your theories are based in logical questions we all have which gives you a more grounded flavor. My advice is to stay that course and ask yourselves “Can this theory even be actualized” before posing it.

3. Don’t drink too much of your own Kool-Aid. Most of the other podcasts go out of their way to say thinks like “See!…Hale was Delores the whole time! Remember when we said that Arnold was an alien…that’s totally what we meant. Nailed it!” I’ve only heard y’all do this once when Big D tried to defend your “Arnold = AI” theory. You weren’t technically right. You were just wrong. And that’s cool. Don’t stretch it; and I’ve hardly ever noticed y’all do that so kudos.

4. Y’all are fun. The chemistry and humor you guys have (Carrie included) is great and that was missing on all the other podcasts I sampled.

5. My final point is strictly for you guys. Something that has hurt other radio shows and podcasts is overdoing regular or novelty guests. I think your show suffers from this. It’s the tendency to repeatedly throw back to previous guests (those that email and call) whether it be due to fan loyalty or novelty. It was funny hearing Driver Bob once or twice but every Telegraph? Now it’s just annoying and I skip through that portion. The effect of this is that you alienate casual listeners or new listeners who want to get involved in the discussion. Why write in when you only read the same guests and that one weirdo? This is not unique to you guys; talk shows have to deal with it all the time and Ive noticed the trend on your show.

That’s all. You have a great show and I’ve started to check out your movie podcast.

Best from Bama,
Matthew M. Colson

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