Of Course Angela Walks On Water


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Hey guys,

Rich T here. I started Watching Westworld Season 1 and found myself asking questions and coming up with theories. Unfortunately i had no one to talk about them with. I had no one to watch the show with and didnt know anyone else at the time who was watching. I found you guys early on in the season and found myself looking forward to your podcast as much as the show itself. Thank you so much for all of the great material you have given me over the years. As for Watchmen, I want to start off saying I think the show is absolutely fantastic. There are very few things that bothered me about it. The way things were revealed and kept us talking and interested over the last 2 months I felt was masterful. The characters were well done and the world building was incredible. I am sad that the show is over but wouldnt want anymore. I think this was wrapped up nicely and I am extremely satisfied. My only qualm is about the setup to the very last scene and the question Does Angela walk on water? Of course she does. I don’t see how anyone could even wonder that outcome. They were so heavy handed with lead up to it i really don’t see how she doesn’t. I would have preferred it to be a little more ambiguous. Dr. M says to Angela while standing on the pool “it is important that you see me here”. Why else would it be important for her to see him there unless it was specifically for this last scene. They even did flashbacks and voice over replays of the conversations. He tells her to be careful about the eggs and that he can put his powers into such an item. They didn’t need to replay the audio and do flashbacks. I would have gotten it from a simple scene with Angela looking at the egg and wondering. This would have left ME wondering, is it just Angela hoping or is his power really in this egg? Instead they spell it out clearly with these voice overs and flashbacks as if to say “Hey remember this? Well it wasn’t for no reason.” Dr. M stating its important she see him on the pool is just that absolute definitive answer right there. There is no other possible reason that would be important. Yes she will walk on that pool. To be clear i loved every minute of this show and really have no complaints. I couldn’t have written or thought of anything better and this will probably be one of my favorite shows of all time. Again, its not a complaint that they made it obvious, just merely me stating my preference of more ambiguity. I love each and every one of you, Kerri, Gene, Big D, Roger and King Bee. Thank you.

Rich T

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