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Hey guys!

I’m a huge fan of your podcast! I found your podcasts originally by searching for a game of thrones podcast. After I finished that I listened through every movie podcast and am currently working my way through the West world podcast. So what I would like to put out there is a thought for GOT season 8. I remember you guys discussed how the show would handle the battle against the white walkers, and then a battle against Cersei. If I am remembering correctly you mentioned how it would be anticlimactic to defeat the white walkers and then end the show with a fight for Westeros against Cersei. I never thought of it that way, and when you mentioned it I started to run through scenarios in my head. So do you think it’s possible that Cersei will change her mind last minute to join the living? It would be out of character, but she did tell Jaime her full plan, and let him leave. Is it possible that overall her affection for Jaime, and finally deciding to do the right thing could lead to her helping? It would allow the show to have one large battle to end the show, and not two battles. I think we can agree they can’t fight her first, and fighting her last would trivialize the battle with the white walkers, which has to be the biggest/most difficult battle. Maybe her showing up would turn the tide and give them the remaining forces needed to win. Let me know what your thoughts are! And please forgive my poor grammar, especially Gene, I know he is a stickler for good grammar lol. Also forgive me if this is something you guys have covered and I haven’t heard it, or I forgot hearing it. Keep up the good work!


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  1. Gene Lyons says:

    Hey Adam! I can’t believe you and I actually hoped Cersei would do something other than be a complete dick. So much for giving people the benefit of the doubt.

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