S2e4 – Ford, Bernard, Elsie – Oh My

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Hey all,

I think the host that Ford left for Bernard to build is Ford. Some reasons:

– Ford saw Arnold die to free the hosts, then fail – because after you’re dead, the situation is out of your control (even if, as Arnold and Ford both did, you leave vestiges of yourself in the host’s code). Ford will not make the same mistake that Arnold did; he won’t take himself out of the equation before ensuring the success of his plan.

– Also, there’s a certain elegance in the idea that Ford and Arnold will then both have died and become hosts, but whereas Arnold was just remade into a host with his likeness (v1), Ford will have his consciousness transferred into a host-human hybrid (v2).

One other thought: on Westworld, we often ask whether something off is an example of sloppiness on the part of the show, or whether it’s meaningful. You guys have me sold that the cheesy dialog is meaningful, and may suggest that the hosts are still following some kind of script.

Something in this latest episode that struck me as off was Elsie. She’s been MIA for months in a cave but her hair and makeup will still on point when Bernard found her. Is this just sloppiness, or could it mean that Elsie hasn’t actually been sitting there all this time? Maybe she’s a host?


-Sarah M

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