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Hi all!

I’ve been listening to you for many years and have always loved your perspective on this show as well as GOT!

Today, as I was listening to Ashley respond to Big D’s tinfoil (which I LOVED listening to BTW), something dawned on me that adds to the “evidence” for the theory that Rohobo is against humanity.

Ashley is on to something with her idea that there are two categories of gods: benevolent and controlling. When taking that in to Big D’s perspective, we already have our answer given Gene’s findings from the episode 1 research on Solomon vs Rohoboam.

* Solomon was known as a good king, he brought people together, united Israel and was benevolent to his people. * His son, and successor Rohoboam, was a controlling king, repressed his people to make him more glorified, controlled them and killed anyone against him.

I know it is a subtle clue, but the WW creators think carefully about every aspect of their show. For them to link the names Solomon and Rohoboam with the AI and 2nd generation version is meaningful and should be considered.

Love the show, thanks for spending the time to make it for us!


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  1. Ashley Schlafly says:

    I am really curious Danielle to see which side Rehoboam and Dolores both fall on when it comes to their being Gods. I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot of carnage this season.

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