Season 8, Episode 5

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Hey guys!

I love your podcast and am sad it’s coming to an end. I have to say I totally agree with Dick… I found myself completely disappointed and pissed off at this episode!! Episode 3 blew my mind & surpassed all expectations, so maybe my hopes for this episode were too high. Dani transitions way too fast into the “mad queen” and it was too much for one episode. Badass Arya is convinced all too quickly to abandon her mission to kill Cersei. Then we are forced to follow her throughout kings landing much like her home with the white walkers in episode 3. It felt completely forced. The hound just lets Cersei walk down the steps past him before facing off with his brother? I understand he’s there for the mountain, but really?!! Cersei’s death was a major let down. Something I’ve looked forward to for quite some time. The destruction of Kings landing felt too overdone.

Still, I love this series and am looking forward to episode six. Dani v. John?! Thanks for your amazing podcast!

Jennifer Alvord

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