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I have to say while absolutely astounded at the near-Star-Warsian level of fan acrimony leveled at the Bs, I also am impressed with its flagrant hypocrisy. The very same people lamenting that GOT had gotten mired in predictability, was hewing to cliche form — “when is the last time Game of Thrones really surprised us?” I heard somewhere, Gene maybe, a few weeks back?—have about-faced.

Now it’s all moaning about character arcs being skewed and shit coming out of left field. Make up your friggin” minds, people. Not you guys necessarily, but you know what I mean.

I like the fact that Cersei has always been the regal ice queen, utterly in control and controlling; whereas Dany started as a naif, a child, a bit of fluff to barter, floating on the whim of great events. But by the end of this episode they had completely reversed: Cersei, mewling in helpless fear like a child; Daenerys regal, haughty, and dangerous.

On listening to the Deep Dive:

* I would point out to Dick that Tolkien was a “pants-er” rather than a “plotter,” and in fact got stuck writing at one point because he had no idea what was next. GRRM has said he was a ways into GOT just randomly making shit up on the fly before he finally decided he should probably keep track and started using index cards. That is amazing to me.

* I am pretty sure that nervous “little bird” of Varys” was trying to poison Dany. And Dany was not eating for that very reason. She knew she wasn’t loved, which was bad enough, but now she was also considered in the way, which was dangerously worse. And if you know you’ll never be loved, what is the value in being lovable, eh?

* …therefore I think her resting on Drogon after the bells rang is not her “f this s!” decision moment; I think it’s her last moment to reconsider something she already intended, per her instructions to Grey Worm. Something that grew on her as her friends and children and faith in others died around her; something born in her and nurtured by increased isolation and suspected treachery and triggered by the taunting murder of her only real friend and the rejection of the man she loves who–coincidentally–is the only one who doesn’t want her to go away. Although now maybe he does. I don’t think there is the slightest surprising thing about Mad Dany, on reflection.

* Also, Dick…????for Danger Zone. You’re right: a perfect fit!

Thanks for the show.

–Mike T

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