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Hello Gene and Ash!
I must admit, I have become such a fangirl or not just Lovecraft Country,, but your podcast as well. Yours is one of 3 companion podcasts that I follow: HBO’s official, yours and one out of England. Each offers a different perspective on the show, but yours by far, is the one I enjoy the most. From day one, your approach, open-mindedness, willingness to learn, and overall general attitude keeps me coming back week after week. The effort y’all’make to educate yourselves and your listeners, makes me hopeful that others will see we have more commonalities than we do differences. I wanted to suggest that you read “The Burring” by Tim Madigan. Although your coverage on the Tulsa massacre was awesome (I wanted to talk more about that and was disappointed we had to talk about the show!) The book should be your next stop if you are genuinely seeking to know and understand the entire story. Anyway, all that to say how much I have enjoyed and looked forward to your show every week. Ash, I wish I would have had a professor like you, in school. Did I hear you have a podcast where you breakdown literary classics? I would love to follow that, what is the name of it? Continue doing what y’all do, be blessed and safe.
First timer and Fan for life,
Attallaka (pronounced uh-Tal-la-ka) from Georgia

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