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Hello and happy finale!

First of all thank you for this companion show to help us work through what is happening and our truly makes watching Westworld more enjoyable!

Here’s something you may or may not have missed in the finale. When “Logan” is giving the tour of the forge and Dolores asks to see the rest of them, they go into a behavior unit where the human/host hybrids are being tested. We already know Delos was there at one point but we also see the MIB human/host. As “Logan” explains to Bernard that he himself instructed him to allow Dolores access to the forge, you can clearly see two maeve scenes in the background. One where she is being analyzed by Felix and another of her screaming in the bloody white dress being held back by Delos security.

Is Maeve based on a human? Is that why her powers are unique and powerful in that she can control hosts as they recognize her as a human to be obeyed, but also can access the mesh network as a host? Is this why ford loves her most or wanted her to escape the park? Is she based on a loved one from his past?

You asked in the instacast who should get a dedicated episode and in my opinion it should be none other than Ford. We know nothing of his personal life outside of the park. Perhaps he recreated Maeve based on a loved one as he did with Arnold as a business partner? They could also dive into his relationship with original Arnold and how they came to work together and discover the technology that became Westworld.

Thanks again and enjoy your break!


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