James and Zilpha in Taboo Episode 4

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Hey Shat-Podders!! What up?

If you want a spoiler of the James/Zilpha drama, watch the preview of Taboo Episode4 on Youtube(James visits Zilpha in the garden). Oh yeah, I’m also writing to tell you how much I enjoyed your podcast discussion of eppie 3. I mean I was laughing my ass of on your theories of the James’ three mothers. You guys can add 1 + 1 and it would equal rice crispy treats!!! You were spot on about though, about Thorne; I felt dirty and greasy just listening to him talk to James about Zilpha and then disparage Zilpha at the dinner table. She’s a strong woman because I would’ve ever so quickly inserted my fork into his thigh and told him to clean the wound with my bloody sheets!!! I can barely wait for your podcast of eppie 4!! Keep up the fab and entertaining work!!!

A crazy fan

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