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Thanx for reading my email on the last podcast! I was uber-hyped to hear my name called as the “first email”. I appreciate the love.

Down to business.

1) One of my previous questions was answered in Ep 2. We now know that James and Zilpha DID have a sexual relationship. How long and the results of it have yet to be revealed. (Could the boy be the result of their relationship?)

2) Is it me or did it seem that as soon as James discovers the Theatre program and sees Lorna Bow’s name circled, he had a look of realization like “I hope you didn’t do what I think you did”? Clearly, she is fake but it seemed to me like he expected her. I think James will use her as a pawn to get to EITC.

3) I don’t think Thoyt agrees with the EITC. He’s just doing what he has to do to survive. I get the feeling that Strange and his EITC lackeys disgust him and over time he will obviously be on team Delaney.

4) When James kills the assassin (bites him) and he gets wounded he goes into a flashback of Africa. Theory: All of the rumors about James (cannibalism, witchcraft) are going to come from these memories. I think he was wounded in Africa and nursed back to health by some African Tribe and becomes one of them (think Avatar) The rumors will come from the brief glimpses that some sailors may get of James hanging with the tribe.

Lastly, please stop with the vampire theory. Pretty please with Thandie Newton on top!

Keep it up, fellas!


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