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hello, gentlemen its Joe from Utica.

This mail is based upon the intent of James and where it went off the rails.

As stated by you and yours, James wants to ruin the E.I.C for what it caused in his life and to bring his sister into the freedom he envisioned.

Whatever plan James had coming back to London was starting to fall apart because of Lorna. James may have been late coming home as Brace says but he did not account for another legal claim to the holdings as leverage.

Then when the attempted assassination attempt happened he had to become more defensive in light of the EIC’S willingness to act in London.

Then after learning the land was not enough to do what he needed, and the crown’s willingness to exploit Lorna he had to refocus.

His attempts to use the Americans for a way out of London using the land as leverage backfire, Dumbarton himself puts James in a position that he holds no cards and forces him to seek an alternative.

This leads to the gunpowder plot and the involvement of Robert, and the eventual detonation of James ship.

Concurrently when Zilpha kills her husband it causes a massive break in James perception.

So after Winter’s death, he knows he’s got to actually got to sacrifice the people he made a decision to do so back when he put his plan in motion. But he has gained a want to preserve Lorna and Robert, which he did not foresee.

Might be a rant don’t know.

Keep up the good work gentlemen.

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