Taboo FX Episode 3 Theories

Taboo FX Episode 3 Theories
Taboo FX Episode 3 Theories

Taboo FX Episode 3 Theories

After last week’s debut episode of River Rants, the floodgates opened and a heavy flow of “Taboo” viewer mail overflowed our inbox. Scotland Yard was not yet around in 1814, but that didn’t stop #ShatNation from trying to solve the puzzle that is Tom Hardy’s hit series.

Our listeners share their detailed timelines of James Delaney Walker’s whereabouts, make connections between the mysterious Carlsbad & Lorna Bow, analogize the literary works of Arthur Macken, H.P. Lovecraft, &F.Scott Fitzgerald,
and ask the question: Is Zilphainspired by the Old Testament’s story of Zilpah?

After you listen, send us your theories, observations, and opinions at!

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  1. Lacey M says:

    In episode 3 when James is in the water cellar and speaks with Winter, Winter says she saw him kill the person that stabbed him and then she said “Teach me magic. I want to be a wolf too.” He’s a werewolf!

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