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This may have been addressed by now – I’m a little behind on the podcast. In the Ep. 4 River Rant you mentioned that the taboo itself, from which the show gets its title, is perhaps yet to be revealed. Aren’t incest, mariticide, and cannibalism enough? Do you think we are going to get some other level of Taboo to present itself as the season reaches its resolution?

Thanks, Joe

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  1. Christie Oliver says:

    Just want to say I adore Taboo (and James Delaney and cast)and have really been enjoying your podcast. I actually prefer Taboo to Westworld- and I guess everything else currently on tv- and will be sorely disappointed if it’s not picked up for further seasons. I didn’t discover your podcasts ’til Taboo began- so I guess I will have Westworld to look forward to- when it finally returns.
    I save Taboo for weekend viewing- I think it lost so many viewers from the start due partly perhaps its violent, dark nature but more likely due to the fact that it requires total attention to watch it properly- and then listen to the podcasts at work the following week. Sure hate to see it come to a close next week!
    Thanks for your insights!!

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