Technical Boy Performance Was Weakest

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I liked listening to your opinions and I for one am glad some of you read the books. I am actually a newcomer to the show and have not read the book at all and I did not have a hard time following the premise. I sat and watched it with a few friends and most of us had read the synopsis for the show so most viewers in my opinion who sat down to the premiere should indeed have an understanding that this is mythical and that Mr. Wednesday is a God who recruits Shadow moon as a bodyguard for unknown otherworldly shit. I think the introduction of Mad Sweeney was an echo of that as each God seems to reveal itself to the audience very seamlessly and are very direct in determining a God versus one that is not. The same with Technical Boy of whom I too am still unsure about performance wise. He had the look but I found and style but I would have preferred something else with this scene. It was the weakest of the episode for me.

Biliquis is fascinating. The whole concept is. I think she is top tier in performances to look forward to as she is both shy and sweet but fierce. I find it ironic she uses Tinder sites to attract men to her, being most predators use the internet! It makes the most sense. I didn’t get the idea she was a prostitute though only because she didn’t request money and the date stated he’s never had anyone as beautiful as her for free. I did not once however feel sorry for the man because there was a willingness in him to prostrate himself before him to bed. I’m curious to see if her targets are people who are prone to throw away their lives for the concept of love and beauty and thus are more inclined to worship her. I still find a hard time feeling empathy for her victim…I might need to reexamine myself for that lol

I lynching as a black woman was a little hard to watch. I’m just going to say that because I do feel it’s something that was important to show. I think hanging him def referenced back to Odin. And the visual with the blood was great so I won’t say it wasn’t necessary. I also find it interesting that Tech buy isn’t necessarily a villain in the novel as there is a certain sinister association with new tech these days that they may compel in the show for a more modern spin.

Overall, I bought in immediately and can’t wait for the next episode.

Christina J.

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