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Hey Guys,

Thanks for the great podcast guys. I just started listening after episode 8 of this season and I’ve been hooked, going back and listening to the older episodes as i rewatch the series.

So I’m wondering if the human code can be printed into the pearls at the Forge. When Delores is in the Forge with Bernard, she throws down Delos’ book and says something along the lines that, I don’t need to read it, he’s dead anyways. Could she have printed out any humans that are alive? I’m thinking that one of those pearls is William since they have such a connection from season one and Teddy is gone. Plus he’s a pretty important person in the real world. If he can’t maintain himself outside the forge, can she change him slightly similar to how Arnold was changed into Bernard? Could she make a younger William with the code that is in there?

The pearl that was Ford was red right? So even if it had been blown up with the cradle, he wouldn’t have been one of them anyways.

Tony Harp

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