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Hello Hosts,

One thing you guys talked about was the handle/scanner that Bernard and Charlotte grabbed before getting into the bunker. I think Gene was correct. Bernard had to grab it while Charlotte was holding it. Charlotte’s DNA signature was the “key” that allowed Bernard to be treated as non-hostile to the drones. But, you also asked why the handle did not recognize Bernard as a host. I have a theory on that. Charlotte thinks that this bunker is a secret that only the board knows about.

I believe Ford was several steps ahead of Charlotte, and the board, and had full knowledge of the bunker and whatever the board is up to. So Ford hacked the bunker handle before his death, so Bernard would have access. I think Ford is still manipulating events via AI from beyond the grave. The reason young Ford’s voice sounded strange was not because the bot was breaking down. The odd sound of the voice was because it was coming from an AI version of Ford’s brain which still exists in the Park even after his death, perhaps embedded in that mesh network they mentioned.

Jeff H

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  1. Gene Lyons says:

    I don’t think the bunker handle was meant to detect hosts. It’s meant to tell drones “this person was validated by Charlotte and therefore isn’t a threat to you. Otherwise, the drones (which are way too big to just be doing lab work) would be alerted.

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