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Hey Ya’ll,

I’ve been an listener to your TV podcast for Game ot Thrones and Westworld. So when I began watching Lovecraft Country and quickly realized there are messages and easter eggs I knew I was missing I quickly looked into a companion podcast hoping you guys would do one and I was pleasantly surprised. As a 35 year old black man I was a little worried about how your podcast would discuss race and identity regarding the show but just like other sensitive topics that have come up in television shows you all have done you’ve handled the topics well. I’m actually very disappointed that you’ve gotten messages from people calling you racists. You’ve acknowledged your privilege, acknowledged that some of the messages in the show aren’t for you, kept an open mind, accepted constructive criticism and asked important questions. I’m not really sure what more you can do! Anyway, I really hope you guys finish out this season and come back for a second one if there is one. Even as a pretty well read/educated African-American I’ve learned a few historical facts from your podcast I hadn’t got a chance to look up for myself that the show introduced.

P.S. – Ashley through most of Westworld podcast I couldn’t stand your opinions then one day you came out and said something to the effect of “maybe I’m just reading too much into this show”. I’ve been rocking with you ever since!

Keep up the GREAT work!


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