Lovecraft Country Episode 5 Holy Ghost

Lovecraft Country

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Hello,I found and started listening to your podcast yesterday and I’m really enjoying your perspective on the show. Your podcast is now the third one I am exploring, the official Lovecraft Country Radio podcast being one and For All Nerds Show: The Safe Negro Podcast Show the other. Although you have your own podcast (and have limited time), I recommend you listen to The Safe Negro Podcast for gem references to Black historical figures highlighted in every episode. I noticed that ‘creepy baby head on adult body’ (as referenced by Susan on episode 105) was mentioned on all three podcast but do not recall any of the podcast discussing what this ghost represents. Based on my experience, this ghost represents young men who have adult size bodies (think of a Black, 6 foot tall 12 year old (I was 5’10 at 13), is treated (and even tried) as an adult but are just babies (hence the baby head). Wow! I just realized why I was so compelled to send this message: that ghost was me. I normally would not share a picture, but I found this yearbook picture of myself on so, hell, the universe already has it! I was 13 in this picture, number 23. In case you’re wondering, I sucked at basketball lol Thank you for reading,CristalPS: So I googled an image of this ghost for my niece and food this article I’m WAY off but still find it interesting how I could see myself in this ghost.Thanks again for reading.

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