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Good Morning Friends!

Yesterday I made a donation to the team, and received a thoughtful note from BigD on venmo. I wanted to follow up and just say thank you for continuing to put out wonderful content. Obviously we are in some wild times, and while most are at home, I am in the produce distribution business so our lives have continued. In a nut shell, our Food Service business has been devastated with all the restaurant closures, however the retail side of things have grown tremendously with that as the main outlet for people to get food in Seattle. For some context I have 700 employees in our Seattle facility so ramping up one part of our business in conjunction with reducing the other has proven to be a challenge. Long days, sad days, days that I will remember not for positive milestones but more negative. We are all stressed both professionally and personally. I had some very unexpected positive feedback in the last couple weeks from employees at all levels of our organization in reference to my temperament, messaging, decision making, leadership, and overall positivity(I’m sure there is negative feedback as well but that wasn’t as freely shared ?). That feedback alone is enough to keep me going, but there has to be more, it’s not just as simple as rolling out of bed and putting a smile on my face. So what is it? I did an inventory-

1)Family- wife, 2 year old daughter and baby boy due in August, even if I wanted to be all negative that would be simply impossible! 2)My employees- In the face of challenge, literally everyone has banded together and been extraordinary in carrying out or mission as a company and performing our civic duty.

3) I prepare my attitude by taking care of myself. I need positive outlets, to reset my vibe. Working out, shows, video games, etc. That is where you all come in! I have been listening to you all for a few years, I love going through the journey with you and your community (yes even Taboo! I know…I know…), I look forward to it probably more than I would like to admit! It’s like I have these friends that I get to connect with whenever I need, and for that I can’t thank you enough. The donation is a small token of my appreciation and a tip of the cap to the quality, execution and entertainment you do week in week out. Keep it up, you truly make a positive difference.

Haven’t watched episode 3 yet, digging in tonight, and as always look forward to the discussions this week! Thanks again!

Tygann Billow

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