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Was listening to your most recent podcast, and your discussion about who Teddy is and who the man in black is.

1) The Man in Black is not William. He is Logan. When the Man in Black rapes Delores he says “Let’s re-acquaint ourselves. Start from the beginning.” Logan will rape Delores in episode 9 in front of William…thus why that line makes sense.

2) Teddy is actually William. This is a stretch…but I think William either got his consciousness into Teddy…or Teddy was created as a host version of William. Go back and watch the scenes where Teddy first gets to sweetwater and when William first gets to sweetwater. They are identical. They both bump the big guy. They both notice Delores. Also, when Teddy goes into the Saloon…the whore treats him like a human “not much of a rind on you”

Random Theory: Ford is the original host created by Arnold. He is in control of West World, and in a battle with Arnold for control of the hosts.

Let me know what you think.


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