The Night Queen

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Hey Guys,

Everything happens that happened through episode 6, EXCEPT-

Post-Scene 1

Drogon is seen flying with Dead Dani over icy landscape….. in his talon grip we see her eyes go blue.

Post-Scene 2

John leaves Castle Black with his band of wildlings. En route to wherever it is they’re going, they discover rune spirals a la the late Night King. After more dramatic but succinct development, John and Tormund come face to face with the new Night Queen (Danaerys). John enters a shame spiral of self-doubt and is mesmerized by dead-Dani’s new corpse-chic look, ice blue eyes, white hair, white tattered robes, cold marble cleavage. He still loves her, and moves toward her opened arms for an embrace. Ghost and Tormund freak out; Tormund tries to kill Dani but is torched by Drogon, who though alive, is still bound to Dani. Ghost whines and turns tail to run for Castle Black. Later John and Dani get it on and Jons’ eyes go blue.

Note: we have book canon precedent for this. A long-ago Stark who was the commander of the night’s watch fell in love with a female wight and made her his corpse queen. They did some terrible things at Castle Black including the sacrifice of children. It’s said the stark ‘gave her his seed and with it his soul’

Post-Scene 3

Bran leaves the small council trail with the offhand remark he will see if he can help find Drogon. He enters his trance and finds himself inside Ghost. He sees Drogon torch Tormund and John in Dani’s power.

He sees a montage of John and his Corpse Queen doing terrible things at Castle Black with their band of wildling wights. He sees a march on Winterfell and Dani’s thirst for vengeance against bigmouth Sansa, aka the Queen in the North.

Sarah W. & Adrianne W

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