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I enjoyed your deep dive on season 8, and was glad the three of you could point out so many strengths to the season and episode. I however did not enjoy the finale, but not because I did not appreciate the ending of the story, but because I found the episode itself to be poorly done. I am glad they did not go child pedo conspiracy, and I am glad they did not try to recreate a violent confrontation as in season 1. In the end, this was a story about family and loss. Wayne actually finding his daughter at Julie’s house instead of Julie illustrates this poetically. But the rest of the episode was tedious. The Hoyt/Wayne convo was a let down with neither of them admitting what they know. The Mr June conversation was a big exposition dump. The multiple Wayne/Amelia convos felt life first drafts of dialogue without any subtext or style. I know you guys enjoyed it, but I am curious if you see yourself rewatching the season or the finale at any point. Good story or not, I don’t think the episode was enjoyable enough to have rewatchability.

Enjoyed your Pod thoroughly this season.

Jeff H

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