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I’m not quite as certain about this as the title implies, but that’s the way I lean. And I’m gonna run you through this not so much to convince you to lay aside the multiple timelines theory, but because I thought it’d be fun to see (hear?) if you can square these observations with that theory.

Ok, here we go:

In episode two, just as the Badass in Black is about to take out half that little town, one of the technicians grabs Stubbs’s ear to see if they should intervene as he’s already caused enough mayhem.

This is also the episode where we learn that Ford is about to start implementing his new narrative which, as we learn over the next two episodes, is massive to the point of causing some mayhem of his own.

In episode 4, right near the beginning, once again a technician pulls Stubbs aside. The technician tells him about Delores, that she’s left her loop, but he’s unsure if this happened because she just wandered off or if it was yet another disruption by the big changes for the new narrative.

In short, that it’s the same Stubbs, who presumably is not a host and ages like the rest of us, and who looks pretty much the same age in both scenes, is convincing evidence that both of these incidents are relatively contemporaneous. The additional mention of the huge disruption of hosts due to the new narrative backs that up. (I suppose it could have been a huge narrative being done 30 years go, but that seems unlikely.) The only thing that makes me doubt this is the different logos. That’s some shit.

Ok, let me know what you think, gentlemen. (And if it bothered you that I wrote out ‘two’ but used a numeral for ‘4’, we can be friends.) —
You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore. – William Faulkner

– Dustin H.

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