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Ok so now we can confirm that Veidt is def in a prison (he says that he is) and that he is looking to escape. Additionally, he says “FOUR years, since i was sent here. In the beginning I thought it was a paradise”. FOUR years. Four episodes in. yes it could be “for year” and not “four” years but my closed captioning said FOUR and therefore this is the math i am going by:

We know from the peteypedia files (File 1 entitled “Clipping: Veidt Declared Dead”) that Veidt went “missing” in 2012. If that was the first “year” of his captivity, episode 1 would then be the FIRST anniversary of his “forced retirement” meaning 2013. Episode 2 wherein he is putting on the play about Dr. Manhattan would be 2014. By Episode 3 we see him experimenting with a suite (perhaps a makeshift space suit) putting us in 2015. Episode 4 he successfully launches a clone out of the atmosphere (we see it gets enough height to go way above the clouds, without dropping….from what we could tell) which would put us in 2016.

We see a ball of fire drop out of the sky at the start of Episode 4 wherein Lady Truie hastily buys a couples house and 40 acre farm and trades them their biologically yet laboratory created son for it and suddenly a ball of fire falls from the sky with Lady Truie saying “and that….is mine”.

We know the events of “now” are 2019. So if episode 4 gave us Veidts 2016, episode 5 would be 2017 episode 6 would be 2018 abd episode 9 would put us in “today”.

So instead of a westworld “two stories two timelines which is which” this is just giving us 9 years worth of Veidts captivity in one fell swoop of a season.

Wherein at first i thought the big surprise would be us seeing Dr. Manhattan at the end of this season. I am starting to wonder if all we will get is Veidts escape from prison and teaming up with Lady Truie and our dear friend Will Reeves.

While this has no real impact on the story that we are seeing, maybe we can shy away from the tin foil WHAT TIME PERIOD IS VEIDT IN and really just say that every episode is another year in captivity wherein he is trying to escape, and they will have shown us 9 years worth of his captivity and how he got out in a nice concise 9 episodes.

talk more about the baby lake cause…..thats just too weird for words.

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