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Thanks very much for your podcast, most recently for True Detective season 3, but also for West World and Game of Thrones, which I have also listened to and enjoyed, and look forward to in the future. You guys are quite good — funny, insightful and, refreshingly, critical of the material when it is warranted. I don’t always agree with your criticisms or praise, but I always find them interesting and well thought out. I’m usually behind on the viewing episodes (I will watch the finale of TD this weekend), which puts me out of the running to contribute to The Watch, but, on the plus side, your podcast is usually waiting for me once I have seen the show.

A few quick comments:

TD season 2 –

While acknowledging that the second go round was not nearly as good as the first, I still enjoyed it. Part of that is attributed to having managed my expectations going in. Season 1 was brilliant, some of the very best TV I have ever seen and I couldn’t reasonably expect that it could followed up with something just as good. There’s a bit of a curse for a filmmaker when they hit a grand slam at their first at bat; the next time is very, very likely to pale in comparison. (See M. Night Shymalan’s career after “The Sixth Sense”.) But yes, season 2 is the weakest of the lot (but still pretty good) and I give it credit for trying something different. One of the strengths, but then again, perhaps a weakness, of season 3 is that is constructed very like season 1 in many ways, and can from some angles be accused to being derivative of its predecessor.

Also, I will offer a counterpoint to something you guys said early on, specifically something along the line that TD needs a small town/rural setting to be successful. There’s a strong film noir tradition of city, usually LA, based stories going back to the late ’40s, shadowy tales of corruption and loneliness is a concrete jungle I think that’s what Pizzollato was going for.

TD season 3 –

King Bee, I’m with you. There is definitely something about Amelia…

Other shows – King Bee is right: Fargo is truly excellent. Season 2 was awesome, but I also really, really liked season 3. Hard to pick a favorite. If there is a season 4, I’d love for you guys to shat on it. Also, Noah Hawley’s other show, Legion? I could definitely use some help on that one.

So, my appreciation to you. Here’s hoping TD season 3 sticks the landing.


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