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Hey Guys,

So just wanted you guys to know the thought I’ve stumbled on, on my rewatch of episode 3. I’ll sum it up, and I can’t get it off my mind, but Wayne’s wife mentioned in episode 2, I believe, that she liked to go to different cities aand pretend to be someone else…. and in episode 3, she mentioned to Wayne how she wanted to go see the police officers and basically pretend to be someone so she can get information. It has just struck me as odd and off how she has fantasies of being in a dream world, or not reality, she has no problem escaping reality basically. Compare that to will who appears to be doing the same kind of thing when playing dungeons aand dragons. Compare to wayne and he can’t escape his reality. I’m not sure wayne’s wife is involved in the crime, but it’s just a really interesting theme, and I haven’t really thought more into it, but it is a really interesting narrative taking place

As an added thought, we thought episode 3 was kind of confusing, an disjointed… but what if it wasn’t, because it felt like that scene with amelia and wayne @ Walgreens parking lot was out of place and that scene ends with amelia staring at wayne, the next scene is wayne and his partner west, and wayne says “its like a thing’s staring right at us.”…. amelia gained a lot from this, aand now i’m starting to think she’s involved somehow…..

Kenny Ducammun

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