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True Detectives

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Dear ShatonTV,

Wow…. what an episode. I liked it overall. Certain scenes still feel disjointed, and it remains to be seen if its an intentional strategy. It might just be me but it feels like half of the episodes are amazing, and the other half are decent, but feel like they aren’t using the entire potential of certain characters. The Amelia and Wayne relationship, at times feels real to life, and not exaggerated. At other times, in certain scenes, feels inconsistent with the characters, and how they would seemingly react. (Though I think that’s a small issue, in otherwise a pretty good show). In the season, up till now, amelia was super mysterious, and Big D is not alone in his curiosity about her character. She’s intriguing, and had been a real suspect of mine up until this episode.. I wonder if they are taking cues from westworld and throwing so many possibilities at you, to throw the viewers off the scent. Do you guys think that’s the case? That the director wanted to fool the viewers? I def have to think that it’s part of what is going on, but i’m eager to see the rest of this play out. However, there’s not only one mystery in play here, but multiple to solve in this season. I think amelia is part of a separate mystery entirely and may not even relate to the original incident. It may be related to the cover up, though. At any rate, she is hiding things about herself (what is her background?) and continues to distract wayne when he asks about her.

I love the characters in this show, there are a couple of moments where the dialogue is fantastic and creates a dynamic between 2 characters that is working well, so much so that they can just let the dialogue marinate and allows the viewers to read between the lines. Roland and Wayne play off each other really well and both actors are in sync with each other. Both characters are likeable, but have gray areas where they come off as bad. The strength of this show is the characters and the dialogue, I believe. I wish they would explore the female characters more, especially Amelia, as it’s her that is the most misunderstood in my mind. I think they are missing an opportunity to develop more of a connection with her to the viewers, and if they had that connection it would make whatever ending she has, have a bigger impact as a whole. A good amount of scenes are likely to end up as dead ends or filler, and instead of using filler scenes to keep us guessing at the mystery , I’d prefer to have more background on the characters, (other than wayne). Small gripe, but something i think that is missing, in a good show. (* quick note, it seems as if the theme in true detective, is females aren’t main characters, but supporting characters, standing behind the Male cast, and Amelia has the potential to be so much more than that).

Now into the case. I think we can almost certainly say that the mother, Lucy Purcell, was involved in her daughter’s abduction, and may have wanted her kids to have a better life, she said as much to amelia in the scene. She made it seem as if she wasn’t a fit mother, and the hostility in the home was toxic. I imagine that the people who have julie work or are affiliated with the hoyt foods company (the chicken line). I honestly don’t know, this was one episode that had so much information stuffed into it, that it will require a rewatch for sure.

In all, I am astounded by how many layers Wayne Hayes has. It’s not always been consistent, but I think more of that can be blamed on the writing or directing, rather than his acting (which is superb so far). I really relate to his character, how he’s only at his best when his mind is on his work, not on how victimized he thinks he is. I can’t tell if i like wayne’s visions, it seems like his condition that “shall not be named” is getting progressively worse. I just hope that they don’t try to use this case as the tired TV/ Movie Trope, Hays can’t die until he solves this case and has to make things right with his family, and ghost amelia (*King B would still tap that apparition*), in order to die peacefully at the season’s conclusion. I do like that they have us focused on one mystery, the crime, and all of these others will be the ones that blindside us, (I hope)….

Loyal Shatter,

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