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Season 7, Episode 4

  • There is another somewhat famous valyrian blade in the books: a valyrian arakh (the dothraki half-sword half-scythe), wielded by a sellsword captain called Caggo Corpsekiller, who was last seen in A Dance with Dragons in Meerenn during its siege. IF the show decide to make it appear, I’d bet it would be with Daario Naharis, should he go to Westeros somehow.
    Thiago Waldhelm
  • The little “E” at the end of your podcast means you can use profanity. You didn’t have to bleep out “dick”.
    Nick B
  • I don’t want to take anything away from Battle of the Bastards, and in fact I agree that it is one of the better battles of the series. However, I think the “force field” that prevents major characters from being hurt or killed in movies like Rambo, etc, was, in my opinion, nowhere else more present than in the BotB. If I remember more arrows were shot and landed in close proximity to Jon in that battle than all the arrows shot combined in the Burninator.
    – Greg
  • Jamie’s conversation about being spread too thin would lead us to believe only part of the train was destroyed, which would leave true rest of it as easy pickings. Olenna is pronounced OH LEN AH God’s woods is The God’s Wood There was one more in the latest but I can’t remember now. It’ll come to me 😉 Just discovered your podcast. Love it. Except for mispronounciations, it’s Perry but as a book lover it’s really distracting.
    – Stephanie
  • Listening to Gene right now complaining about people who pick apart the minutia and physics of dragons flying… wasn’t he the one up in arms about how Bronn couldn’t possible operate the crossbow by himself? I call hypocrite. He picks apart the minutia all the time!!
    Tom (NYC)
  • Worst TV coverage podcast. Fuck Big D.
    – Jared Lorance
  • Your theme music sounds just like “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes. Was this on purpose? Love the show!
    – Noel
  • Ok not so much an umm actually but a question?? Is it “the night’s king” or “the night king”???
    – Luke
  • Game of Thrones takes place in WESTEROS not WESTWORLD. Forgive me, I haven’t quite figured out whose voice belongs to whom yet, but one of you guys keeps calling Westeros Westworld and it’s driving me nuts!!!!!
    – Sarah
  • Was just listening to the episode 4 deep dive pod. You guys said Hodor and Sam were the only pure characters. Princess Shireen??
  • #UmActually Stannis told Sam about the cave. The dragon glass cave was common knowledge. It’s easy to assume no one explored it.
  • #umactually the message from Lysa to Cat came by rider, not a raven. #justsayin

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