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Joanna Robison from Vanity Fair confirmed it was indeed snow we saw during the finale.

If you remember it was also snowing before and after the Battle of the Bastards but not during (for filing reasons)

It was snowing because winter wasn’t over until the prophecy was fulfilled. Jon stabs Dany bringing forth Drogon (literally a light bringer) and causes the Iron Throne to burst into flames (again from the prophecy.)

After Dany is dead and the Iron Throne destroyed we see it has stopped snowing and winter is over.

Michael Sartain, Capt USAF Ret.

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  1. Gene Lyons says:

    Y’know, I’ve been repeating what you said like it’s the gospel. But I went back and read Robinson’s piece from May 15, and all she says is Daenery’s vision of the scene had snow in the script. That doesn’t necessarily mean S8E6 is snow.

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