Umma And Montrose

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Hello Shat Crew,I know so very little about Korean culture and legends, that I wouldn’t even know where to start with theories or speculation. Instead I would like to talk about some of the underlying themes and once again juxtaposition of character arcs, mostly Tic and Ji-Ah, but also Montrose and Ji-Ah’s mother. Ji-Ah was illegitimate, Tic might be George’s son. Both were abused by their supposed fathers. Both have a connection to magic. Both have seen and done terrible things in order to fulfil their duties. Tic’s duty to the military and Ji-Ah’s duty to her mother Ji-Ah’s mother strike’s a Faustian bargain to protect her daughter, and agrees to another price to pay at the end of the episode to help Ji-Ah again. Montrose also wants to protect Tic and his idea of protecting Tic is almost as destructive as Ji-Ah’s mother’s response. Montrose and Ji-Ah’s mother were also trying to hide their own otherness. Montrose being gay and the mother having a child out of wedlock. And both used marriage as a cover to protect themselves and inadvertently causing pain to their respective families. The shaman’s prediction at the end was more than ominous, which means we probable haven’t seen the last of the 9 tailed fox. Take careSusanState College

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