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Hey Guys,

love the podcast. Just so you know, I found you guys while trying to find more information/media on Taboo. Since then, I’ve been working my way back and listening to your sister podcast and obviously Westworld. It’s revealed in this last episode that Ford’s favorite host was Maeve. It’s also fairly obvious that Arnold cared for Dolores. It made me wonder if there is a parallel between Ford/Maeve and Arnold/Dolores. Both a male and female pair (are hosts not paired up?). Each of their counterparts are respected by each other but they have different approaches and ideas as to how the hosts should proceed once they are woke. It also made me think about a scene with Ford and Dolores in season 1. Dolores asks if they’re friends. Ford responds that he wouldn’t say that. Why would Ford say that in such a cold manner? He was clearly showing great affection for Maeve and thinks highly of her. Are these two hosts always meant to be at odds? If Ford meant to have Maeve leave the park, could he have also written Dolores’ storyline even after she wakes? Also, If Teddy is actually dead with no chance of coming back, then Ford was right about that, too. In season 1, Ford mentions to Teddy that he and Dolores will never be together. I’m sorry for the long email, please feel free to edit and/or clarify some points. On a side note, for Shat the Movies, I had a suggestion. What about doing Staff Picks? It was always my favorite section at any video rental store. I’m also with Big D on this: Armageddon needs to be reviewed. It’s my favorite so-bad-it’s-good movie. And accompanied with Aerosmith’s greatest hits? This needs to happen. I’m sure you guys Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing about this movie.

You guys are doing good work. Now you can tally another Taboo listener.

– Julia

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  1. Gene Lyons says:

    Dude, Staff Picks is such a good idea. Were you thinking we take turns picking a movie to review or perhaps blog posts listing our favorites in respective categories?

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