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Again, enjoy the podcast, defiantly was wrong in my email a few days ago after seeing episode 3. I just wanted to make note that for those that struggle reading comics I’ve attached a YouTube link that has a motion comic (a stunning 5 and half hours long) animated and narrated in the 12 chapters. I struggle at times reading comics more than ordinary books, mostly because I spend too much time on the great artwork. I found this a great way to get up to speed on the source material, as it is significantly different to that of the 2009 movie. Keep up the great work. Kind of wish that someone would leak the first six episodes online. I’m told that they were released to certain press representatives. Also, found out its ironic maybe even purposefully done that the show is released around the same time as the graphic novel is set, the fall before, during, and after Halloween.

Jonathan from Westminster CA

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