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What’s going on fellas,

My name is Adrian and I’m recently a new listener to the pod. Based off my need to interact and consume all content that this HBO series involves, I found your pod and I’m hooked on it. Not going to take up too much of your time but I have a few predetermined predictions about episode 8 that came to me after rewatching the 2009 film. Lady Trieu’s mother is the women that was gunned down in the bar by The Comedian. In some unexplained way Dr. Manhattan saves her from death by fusing his DNA with her mother’s, ultimately becoming the 3rd parent in the equation. Lady Trieu has inherited Manhattan’s ability to see her future, present, and past as well as his genius. She’s also inherited her other Father’s brash sense of reality which is why she does things like buy real estate with babies. Now here’s a big leap…She’s fully aware/in cahoots with the 7th Calvary and is working with them to destroy Dr. Manhattan for leaving her and her mom in the war/or for initially letting her mother die at the barrel of the comedian then bringing them back. Love to hear your thoughts on this, thanks guys. —
Adrian Poitier

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