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Just voted for this year’s Westies. Established in 1961. Wow. I had no idea. In the end, I went with the Battle and Showdown scenes that created the most excitement for me. But, there were some really difficult choices here. Especially in the Showdown Category.

Mushashi v. Tanaka was absolutely epic. Loved the honor on display at the end. Rebus v. Confederados was sick. Rebus’ 4-5 rapid fire shots, all hitting their mark, all within about one second and a half, was amazing and reminded me of playing as Trevor in GTAV. But, MiB v. Pardue Brothers won my vote. I have a soft spot for Lawrence anyway. Then the tough talk from MiB. “Mornin’ Lawrence. You helping them straighten out their rope again?” “Well, it’s gonna be an awful tight fit for all of you.” Fantastic. I love how Westworld gives us some expectations and uses patterns without making it too tropey. Upon the original airing of the episode. I said “mother fucker” out loud, practically synchronized with Lawrence, (probably slightly before) when MiB saves him.

I saw another potential pattern developing early this Season. It has held for two Seasons, coming extremely late this Season. So subtle, it’s almost not noticeable. Host reveals. I’m very confident. We WILL get one every Season. Season 1’s, Bernard. Season 2’s, Stubbs. I was leaning Elsie early. I don’t know what’s worse. A dead Elsie or an Elsie host? Fuck you, Hale! (Hence my Best Villain vote) I believe we have not seen the last of Sizemore. We will learn he’s a host. That whole heroic last stand was cool. But, so stupid from Sizemore. And, was the exact opposite of what human’s cornerstones are supposed to be. Survival. Ergo, I feel he’s a host. Clearly, Ford saw fit to have hosts working as park employees. Behavior Lead. Security Lead. Why not the Lead Narrative Designer?

Looking back, we were tipped off that Stubbs was a host early in Season 2. Remember, Akecheta originally told Stubbs the beautiful line: “You only live as long as the last person that remembers you.” This line while poetic, when applied literally, means much more to the hosts than humans. Because of the host’s perfect memories, as long as a host remembers another, the remembered one can always be rebuilt. They are never truly dead until, no one remembers them.

One thing I’m still a little confused about. How did the Maze get placed under the Ghost Nation’s scalps? I thought I heard you guys say it was put there by them? So they scalped themselves, tattooed the Maze, and reattached the scalp? Or, died? Any help here would be great.

Amazing work throughout, as per usual. Keep it up! See you guys at Shat the Movies, the Thrones Pod, on Twitter, and of course for Westworld Season 3, whenever that will be.

-Wes D.

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